NATALIE COLE: I'M READY Expanded Edition (SMCR-5141)

NATALIE COLE: I’M READY Expanded Edition (SMCR-5141)

Track listing:

  1. Too Much Mister
  2. I Won’t Deny You
  3. I’m Ready
  4. Keep It On The Outside
  5. Time (Heals All Wounds)
  6. (I’m Coming) Straight From The Heart
  7. Where’s Your Angel
  8. I’m Your Mirror

 Bonus Tracks:

  1. Winner (Takes All)
  2. Azz Iz
  3. Movin’ On
  4. How Can You Stop?
  • SoulMusic Records is proud to present an expanded edition of I’M READY, the sole album recorded by the late and legendary Natalie Cole for Epic Records. The original eight-track 1983 album is supplemented by four cuts produced by famed musician Stanley Clarke which remained in the vaults until they were included in a ‘90s U.S. reissue of the original LP. 
  • Following her hit-filled tenure with Capitol Records (1975-1982), Natalie’s move to Epic came among personal challenges (outlined in her 2000 memoirs). Nonetheless, I’M READY saw her reunited with the team of Chuck Jackson & Marvin Yancy who had helmed her ‘70s string of award-winning best-selling singles and album for five tracks including “Too Much Mister,” a Top US R&B hit.  Multi-talented music man Stanley Clarke produced three tracks, co-producing one with a member of Natalie’s band, Chuck Bynum. 
  • Natalie (who sadly passed away on December 31, 2015) wrote two songs – “I’m Your Mirror” and the bonus cut “How Can You Stop” – as well as co-writing two more with her brother Eddie Cole, and “Winner (Takes All)” and “Movin’ On,” which were also part of the Stanley Clarke sessions. 
  • Remastered by Nick Robbins, this 2016 SoulMusic Records reissue follows the label’s release of two other Cole classics, “Natalie…Live!” (SMCR-5009) and “Thankful,” an expanded edition (SMCR-5028) and includes insightful notes by renowned U.S. writer Justin Kantor and a personal tribute to Natalie by founder David Nathan, who began interviewing her in 1975.

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