NADIA COLE: TODAY (SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings)

NADIA COLE: TODAY (SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings)

SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Recordings is proud to announce the release of the first solo single by Voices Of Glory member, Nadia Cole. Produced by award-winning music man Preston Glass, “Today” is an upbeat contemporary track that highlights the powerful soulful vocals of this “America’s Got Talent” acclaimed finalist.

Eighteen-year old international R&B / gospel recording artist Nadia Cole has been performing since she was five-years-old. She appeared on the popular reality show ” America’s Got Talent” when she was just nine along with her two equally talented brothers Michael & Avery Cole. The siblings known as Voices Of Glory rose above 100,000 contestants to finished as the top five finalists. Nadia was a standout and adored by millions around the globe as they watched the nine year old grace the stage with such beauty and confidence that matched perfectly with her stunning dresses and powerful voice.

Both judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne shouted out to Nadia several time during her appearance on the show that she was a “star” and Nadia have proven them right. Since appearing on America’ Got Talent, Nadia has won multi – awards and has performed in over 1,000 live shows including shows at Madison Square Garden Grand Olé Opera, major league and NFL stadiums as well as in Europe. Nadia and her brothers have recently signed a contract with Jimmy Osmond to perform 100 + shows at the famous Andy William’s Moon River Theatre beginning March 2018 in Branson Missouri.

Nadia Cole is classy and beautiful with a very old soul and has been mentioned in the same breath as multi-Grammy award winner Whitney Houston and the amazing Ella Fitzgerald. Nadia not only loves music she lives music and she will be the first to tell one and all that she appreciates all the compliments however she is a student of those outstanding performers that came before her. Nadia gives all the glory to God for her life and gifts and is grateful to her family for their support as she continues her career as a member of Voices Of Glory and as an independent artist.

“Nadia you are a star!” Piers Morgan – America’s Got Talent