1. Too Tough (Long Version)
2. Can’t Slow Down (Extended Remix Version)
3. Special Delivery (Single Edit)
4. Holdin’ Out For Love
5. Baby, I Need Your Love
6. What I Wouldn’t Do (For The Love Of You)
7. Something About You
8. Marion Meadows featuring Angela Bofill & Gene Rice: Love Was Never
9. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing (Duet with Boz Scaggs)
10. Is This A Dream
11. Narada Michael Walden featuring Angela Bofill: Never Wanna Be Without Your Love
12. Love & Marriage
13. All The Reasons Why
14. Love Light
15. Under The Moon And Over The Sky
16. Angel Of The Night
17. Rhythm Of Your Mind

1. I Wanna Love Somebody (Single Edit)
2. Tonight I Give In
3. Let Me Be The One
4. Carl Anderson featuring Angela Bofill: A Woman In Love
5. Johnny Mathis featuring Angela Bofill: You’re A Special Part Of Me
6. I’m On Your Side
7. This Time I’ll Be Sweeter (Single Edit)
8. Still In Love
9. I Try
10. Stanley Clarke featuring Angela Bofill: Where Do We Go
11. Tell Me Tomorrow
12. Break It To Me Gently
13. Time To Say Goodbye
14. Kirk Whalum featuring Angela Bofill: Always A Part Of Me
15. Song For A Rainy Day
16. No Love In Sight
17. Heavenly Love

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “I Try: The Anthology, 1978-1993,” a 2-CD set of charted singles, key album cuts and guest appearances from the inimitable singer/songwriter Angela Bofill, spanning the most prominent period of her recoding career.

• A native New Yorker, Angela became the second artist signed to GRP Records, formed by producers Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen in 1978: her debut LP, Angie heralded the arrival of one of the mainstay ‘voices’ in the burgeoning ‘quiet storm’ radio format in the US thanks for tracks like “Under The Moon And Over The Sky” and “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter,” the first of a dozen charted singles included on this first-of-its-kind anthology of Angela’s much-loved work.

• Angela’s sophomore album, Angel Of The Night proved even more successful thanks to the title track and the now-timeless classic “I Try,” both staples of Angela’s live repertoire. Switching to Arista Records in 1981, Angela began working with label chief Clive Davis, resulting in another five best-selling albums from which came her biggest charted hits, including “Too Tough” and “Tonight I Give In.”

• This sumptuous 2-CD lovingly compiled by SoulMusic Records’ founder David Nathan (who began conducting interviews with Angela after the release of her debut LP) includes a number of rare tracks such as “All The Reasons Why,” “Love & Marriage,” “Love Light” and “Rhythm Of Your Mind,” all of which were first released between 2002-2007. In addition, the anthology features five stellar guest appearances with artists such as Narada Michael Walden (who produced three of Angie’s Arista albums), Johnny Mathis, Carl Anderson, Stanley Clarke, Marian Meadows and Kirk Whalum; and tracks from Angela’s one-off 1993 LP for Jive Records including the title track, I Wanna Love Somebody.

• The superb music on this anthology (with project assistance from Toney Redmond, Angela’s former manager) is augmented by stellar liner notes from renowned US writer, A. Scott Galloway who has included extensive quotes from Angela herself along with comments by producers, songwriters and musicians including Walden, Mic Murphy & David Frank, Preston Glass, Kirk Whalum, Buddy Williams, Eve Nelson, Derek Bramble and others.