STARPOINT: Restless/Sensational Expanded Edtions (WSMCR-5150D)

STARPOINT: Restless/Sensational Expanded Edtions (WSMCR-5150D)

Track listing:

Disc 1:  RESTLESS 

  1. Object Of My Desire
  2. One More Night
  3. Emotions
  4. See The Light
  5. Till The End Of Time
  6. Don’t Take Your Love Away
  7. Restless
  8. What You Been Missin’

 Bonus Tracks:

  1. Object Of My Desire (Vocal/12″ Version)
  2. Restless (Vocal/Extended Remixed Version)
  3. What You Been Missin’ (Vocal / Male Version)
  4. Object Of My Desire (Instrumental Version)
  5. Restless (Dub Version)


  1. He Wants My Body
  2. D.Y.B.O.
  3. Prove It Tonight
  4. Sensational
  5. Another Night
  6. The More We Love
  7. Touch Of Your Love
  8. Second Chance

 Bonus Tracks:

  1. He Wants My Body (Vocal/Extended Remix)
  2. Touch Of Your Love (Vocal/Extended Remix)
  3. Another Night (Dub Version)
  4. Touch Of Your Love (Dub Version)
  • SoulMusic Records is proud to present expanded editions of RESTLESS and SENSATIONAL, two best-selling ‘80s albums by popular US R&B band Starpoint as a 2-CD set with (9) bonus tracks.

 Starpoint began as a Maryland-based family group consisting of brothers George, Ernesto, Orlando and Gregory Phillips with the early addition of Kayode ‘Ky’ Adeyemo and in the late ‘70s, female vocalist Renee Diggs. The group secured their first recording contract in 1980 with Chocolate City Records, moving to Casablanca and then Boardwalk, establishing a presence on the US R&B charts before signing with Elektra Records in 1984.  The group’s first LP for the label “It’s All Yours” set them on a path to consistent status that lasted for almost six years. 

 RESTLESS, Starpoint’s sophomore 1985 Elektra set was co-produced by manager Lionel Job and then-emerging hit producer Keith Diamond and boasted (3) Top 10 R&B/dance hits including the now-classic “Object Of My Desire” (their biggest US pop charted single), the LP’s infectious title track and “What You Been Missin.”

 With energetic live performances, Starpoint toured with Morris Day, Luther Vandross and Atlantic Starr and others, building a solid audience: their third Elektra album, SENSATIONAL (produced by renowned music man/songwriter Preston Glass and Job) continued the momentum with “He Wants My Body” and “D.Y.B.O”; Diggs’ diagnosis with multiple sclerosis sadly impacted continued touring and in 1990, Starpoint disbanded.

 This reissue includes stellar notes by renowned UK writer Charles Waring with quotes from Orlando Phillips, Lionel Job and Preston Glass and great remastering by Donald Cleveland.