1. I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
2. Help Yourself To My Love
3. Stone Love
4. Baby Don’t Break Your Baby’s Heart (Extended Version)
5. Rumors
6. Ooh Love
7. Say Somethin’ Love
8. The Mood
9. All
10. Are You The Woman
11. Edgartown Groove
12. Send Me Your Love
13. Dancing In The Dark (Heart To Heart)
14. Condition Of The Heart (Extended Version)
15. Movie Song (Instrumental)

1. Kashif & Meli’sa Morgan: Love Changes
2. Love Me All Over (Extended Version)
3. Loving You Only (Extended Remix) (Rap by Doug E. Fresh)
4. Kenny G. & Kashif: Love On The Rise (Extended Remix)
5. Vacant Heart
6. Personality
7. Kathryn (Instrumental)
8. Dionne & Kashif: Reservations For Two
9. Lovers And Friends
10. Love Letter Out Loud
11. Step Into My World
12. I’ve Been Missin’ You
13. Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got) (Extended Club Mix)
14. Love Has No End
15. Kashif & Meli’sa Morgan: Love Changes (A Cappella)

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Help Yourself To My Love: The Arista Anthology,” a fitting tribute to the superb artistry of the late, much-missed, multi-talented music man Kashif, who passed away at the age of 59 in 2016. A first-of-its-kind collection, this 2-CD is drawn from the seven years (1983-1990) that Kashif recorded for Arista and includes the primary ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides of singles alongside key album cuts from the five albums he cut for the label.

• Born Michael Jones in Harlem with a name change to Kashif (Saleem) during his teen years, the gifted young musician joined the famed funk/soul band B.T. Express in 1976, recording and performing with the group followed by a stint on the road with soulstress Stephanie Mills during which time he emerged as a successful songwriter thanks to hits with Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King and Howard Johnson among others.

• Signed to Arista Records by renowned label chief Clive Davis, Kashif began his run of sixteen charted hits with the US Top 5 R&B single, “I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On).” Davis teamed Kashif with then-new signing Whitney Houston and he produced her first hit,“You Give Good Love.” Kashif scored his biggest R&B hit in 1987, a scorching duet with Meli’sa Morgan, covering Mother’s Finest’s, “Love Changes” and continuing his chart success as a duettist with the legendary Dionne Warwick the same year via “Reservations For Two.” Kenny G. and Doug E. Fresh contributed to cuts included here along with uncredited appearances by the late Al Jarreau and the late Whitney Houston on “Edgartown Groove” and “Are You The Woman” respectively.

• This musically satisfying anthology was loving created by David Nathan (a longtime personal friend) and Donald Cleveland (who also superbly remastered the discs) and features a number of extended versions and rare remixes of Kashif’s hits including “Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got)” and “Love On The Rise.”

• Stellar liner notes by renowned US writer/friend A. Scott Galloway with 2017 quotes from colleagues including Kenny G., B.J. Nelson, LaForrest Cope (“La La”), Leslie Ming, Kathy Sledge and Bashiri Johnson.

LEVERT: FAMILY REUNION-THE ANTHOLOGY (Including Recordings By Gerald Levert and Sean Levert) (WSMCR-5160D)

LEVERT: FAMILY REUNION-THE ANTHOLOGY (Including Recordings By Gerald Levert and Sean Levert) (WSMCR-5160D)

Track listing:

1. LeVert: (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
2. LeVert: Fascination (Vocal/Edit Of Remix)
3. LeVert: My Forever Love (Vocal/Edit Version)
4. LeVert: Casanova (Dance Mix)
5. LeVert: Addicted To You (Radio Remix)
6. LeVert (featuring Heavy D): Just Coolin’ (Original Version Re-Edit)
7. LeVert: All Season (Remix Edit)
8. LeVert: Baby I’m Ready
9. Miki Howard (Duet with Gerald Levert): That’s What Love Is (Extended Version)
10. Gerald Levert: Baby, Hold On To Me (Duet with Eddie Levert) (Radio Mix)
11. Gerald Levert: Private Line (Radio Mix)
12. Gerald Levert: Can You Handle It (Remix)
13. Gerald Levert: School Me (Radio Edit)
14. Gerald Levert: Can’t Help Myself (Radio Remix) (a/k/a ‘The R. Kelly Remix’)
15. Gerald Levert: Answering Service (Heavy D Radio Remix)
16. Gerald Levert: What About Me?

1. Gerald Levert (Featuring Sean Levert): Point The Finger
2. Sean Levert: Put Your Body Where Your Mouth Is (VH1 Mix)
3. Gerald Levert: Thinkin’ About It
4. Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert: Get Your Thing Off (Remix)
5. Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert: Wind Beneath My Wings (Radio Edit)
6. Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert: Already Missing You (Remix)
7. Gerald Levert: Taking Everything (Soap Opera Remix Extended Version)
8. Gerald Levert: Baby U Are
9. Gerald Levert: Closure
10. Gerald Levert: Love Street
11. Gerald Levert: So What (If You Got A Baby)
12. Gerald Levert: It Was What It Was
13. Gerald Levert: Crucify Me
14. Gerald Levert: DJ Don’t
15. Sean Levert (featuring Gerald and Eddie Levert): Same One
16. Gerald Levert: In My Songs

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Family Reunion,” a first-of-its kind anthology with eight tracks by the trio, brothers Gerald and Sean Levert and longtime friend Marc Gordon; sixteen solo cuts by Gerald; Sean’s solo hit single; and a number of duets including recordings between Gerald and soul songstress Miki Howard, tracks with his father Eddie (of The O’Jays) and with brother Sean; and one track featuring all three members of one of soul music’s first families.

• The trio LeVert was formed in the mid-‘80s and after one album with an independent label, the team signed with Atlantic Records and began a five-year run of US R&B hits which included six charttoppers including 1987’s “Casanova,” which became LeVert’s biggest mainstream single and is featured here in a rare dance mix. Other key LeVert hits on this 32-track 2-CD set (compiled and remastered by Donald Cleveland) include “(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind,” “Addicted To You” (from the Eddie Murphy film Coming To America) and “Just Coolin’” (featuring rap pioneer Heavy D).

• Gerald Levert’s first success as a solo artist came with his soulful 1987 duet with Miki Howard, “That’s What Love Is” (included here in a nearly seven-minute-long extended version); in 1991, the singer/ came with “Private Line,” the first of twelve R&B charted singles on this anthology including “Answering Service” (via a Heavy D radio remix), “Thinkin’ About It,” “School Me,” “Can’t Help Myself” (via a rare R. Kelly remix), “Taking Everything” (Gerald’s biggest US pop hit, on here via a Soap Opera Remix Extended Version) and “In My Songs,” the title cut of his final album, released in 2007 in the wake of his untimely passing in 2006.

• A series of duets with his famed father Eddie – notably “Baby, Hold On To Me,” (a No. 1 US R&B hit), “Already Missing You” and a memorable reading of the pop classic, “Wind Beneath My Wings” – cemented Gerald’s status as one of the pre-eminent soul singers of his generation. A solo entry from younger brother Sean (who passed away in 2008) – including the rare VH1 mix of “Put Your Body Where Your Mouth Is” – along with the ‘family’ track “Same One” (featuring Sean, Gerald and Eddie) complete this superb anthology which includes notes by renowned writer Kevin Goins.



Track listing:

1. Slew Foot
2. Valentine Love (featuring Michael Henderson & Jean Carn)
3. Saturday Night Special
4. Dindi (featuring Jean Carn)
5. Maiden Voyage
6. We Both Need Each Other (featuring Phyllis Hyman and Michael Henderson)
7. So Much Love
8. You Are My Starship (featuring Michael Henderson)
9. Betcha By Golly Wow (featuring Phyllis Hyman)
10. Kwasi
11. Aquarian Dream: Phoenix
12. Aquarian Dream: Once Again (featuring Gloria Jones)
13. Once I´ve Been There (featuring Prince Phillip Mitchell)
14. Romantic Journey
15. For You Everything (featuring Prince Philip Mitchell and Eleanore Mills)
16. Give The Drummer Some

1. Norman Connors & The Starship Orchestra: Captain Connors (12” Version)
2. Norman Connors & The Starship Orchestra: Say You Love Me
3. This Is Your Life (featuring Eleanore Mills)
4. Stella
5. Norman Connors & The Starship Orchestra: Wouldn’t You Like To See (featuring Eleanor Mills)
6. Norman Connors & The Starship Orchestra: Listen (featuring James Robinson)
7. Your Love (featuring Al Johnson)
8. Disco Land
9. Handle Me Gently (featuring Miss Adaritha)
10. Invitation (featuring Miss Adaritha)
11. Be There In The Morning (featuring Miss Adaritha)
12. Take It To The Limit (featuring Adaritha)
13. You Bring Me Joy (featuring Adaritha)
14. I Don’t Need Nobody Else (featuring Al Johnson)
15. Melancholy Fire (featuring Glenn Jones)
16. You’ve Been On My Mind (featuring Adaritha)
17. She’s Gone (featuring Beau Williams)
18. Mr. C

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Valentine Love – The Buddah/Arista Anthology,” a musically sumptuous 2-CD set by renowned musician and producer, the multi-talented Norman Connors. Covering almost a decade (1972-1981), the 34 tracks include all of Norman’s ten US charted singles; a rare 12” mix of the 1977 cut, “Captain Connors”; two tracks from the album, “Norman Connors Presents Aquarian Dream” (including one, ‘Once Again,” featuring Gloria Jones); key album cuts, “Dindi” and “Maiden Voyage” and a musical feast of tracks featuring a number of artists who first gained prominence through their recordings with Norman such as Jean Carn, Michael Henderson, Phyllis Hyman, Prince Phillip Mitchell, Eleanore Mills, Al Johnson, Adaritha, Glenn Jones and Beau Williams.

• Before he became known as a premier music man with ‘golden ears’ (for his discovery of so many great vocalists), the Philadelphia drummer served his musical apprenticeship with John Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders before embarking on his own recording career in 1972. By 1975, Connors had achieved his first chart breakthrough thanks to the soulful pairing of Carn and Henderson on the now-classic “Valentine Love.”

• During the ensuing years, Connors gave a then-unknown Phyllis Hyman her first taste of international success with her recording of “Betcha By Golly Wow” as well as giving R&B vocalist Glenn Jones his initial hit in 1980 with “Melancholy Fire.” Other standouts on this superb 2-CD set include Connors’ favourites such as “You Are My Starship” (Michael Henderson’s first solo hit), “Once I’ve Been There,” “This Is Your Life,” “Wouldn’t You Like To See” and “I Don’t Need Nobody Else.”

• Extensive liner notes by renowned UK writer Charles Waring including 2017 numerous quotes from Norman himself, Norman’s longtime musical director and Aquarian Dream leader Jacques Burvick, band member Kenneth Nash and others; and excellent mastering by Donald Cleveland.



Track listing:

DISC 1: Fierce & Funky – WORK IT
1. Lovergirl (Special 12″ Dance Mix)
2. Jammin’ (Dance Mix – Long Version)
3. Lips To Find You (Extended Version
4. 14K (Extended Version-Dance Mix)
5. Fix It (12” Version)
6. Surrealistic Pillow (Sexy Pillow Re-Mix)
7. Playboy (12” Remix)
8. Starchild
9. Midnight Magnet
10. Work It (Extended LP Mix)
11. Here’s Looking At You (12″ Club)
12. Bad Boy (The House Arrest Mix)

1. Ooo La La La (12” Version)
2. Since Day One (Jazzie’s Radio Version)
3. Just Us Two (The Garage Mix)
4. Soulmates – Q.T. Hush with Teena Marie
5. Dear Lover
6. Cassanova Brown
7. Out On A Limb (Special Version)
8. Love Me Down Easy (US 12″ Single Version)
9. If I Were A Bell (Extended Version)
10. Miracles Need Wings To Fly
11. My Dear Mr. Gaye
12. Batucada Suite
13. The Once and Future Dream (featuring Rick James)

• SoulMusic Records is exceptionally proud to present “Ooo La La – The Epic Anthology,” a superb 2-CD set by the late, great Teena Marie, who remains revered as a multi-talented icon in the world of soul music, almost seven years after her passing at the age of fifty-four. Covering almost a decade (1983-1991), the 25 tracks include all of Teena’s charted hits for Epic Records. Teena gained prominence at Motown working with funk king Rick James, scoring her first major R&B hit in 1979 with “I’m A Sucker For Your Love” followed by the global chartmaker, “I Need Your Lovin’” in 1980.

• Lovingly produced by Donald Cleveland (who provided excellent remastering) and David Nathan (who frequently interviewed Teena and contributes a personal tribute to the notes), this 2-CD set showcases distinct elements of the California-born singer/songwriter, musician and producer’s distinctive artistry. Disc 1,“Work It” focuses on uptempo grooves and dance floor favourites such as “Lovergirl,” Teena’s 1984 pop breakthrough hit (heard here in a special 12” dance mix) and “Jammin’” and includes a number of rare mixes such as “Surrealistic Pillow” and “Bad Boy,” a 1989 non-album single.

• Disc 2, “The Once And Future Dream” includes some of Teena’s most beloved ballads. As a slow jam musical queen, Teena’s mastery is exemplified by her 1988 No. 1 R&B hit, “Ooo La La La,”; her soul legend ode,“My Dear Mr. Gaye,” the remarkable “Out On A Limb”; and also includes Teena’s 1991 single with Soul II Soul’s Jazzie B. (“Since Day One”) and an exceptional rarity, the duet “Soulmates,” by the group Q.T. Hush who she produced in 1985.

• Renowned US author and journalist Rashod Ollison contributed stellar notes to this sumptuous set.