David Nathan's Diary

…a few days late, due to a relaxing few days in Spain and not too late to wish one and all a happy and ever-soulful new year!  Just before I left the cold and damp of London for the sunshine (all those years in L.A.

This is David Nathan, 'The British Ambassador Of Soul' and the founder of SoulMusic.com which I started in 1999.

Thank you to all of our loyal supporters over the years and in celebration of our 20th anniversary, we’ve given SoulMusic.com a 21st century makeover!  

….This past week or so there have been quite a few dates of importance for soul music lovers the world over.  December 10 marked the 52nd anniversary of the tragic plane crash that saw the passing of the legendary OTIS REDDING, unquestionably one of the genre’s true pioneers.  Otis was very much a part of my journey as a teenager in London first being introduced to what was then called R&B. With his achingly emotive style, the Georgia-born singer/songwriter had started to have an impact in the U.S.

….in the world of ‘everything old is new again,’ I am delighted to launch this (hopefully) bi-weekly blog of reflections, thoughts, insights, observations and news (not of course the fake kind) from my vantage as a champion for soul music since – would you believe – 1965 when I launched the Nina Simone Appreciation Society in the UK as a teenager…  To what, you may wonder, do I refer when I start this blog with a reference to ‘old’ and ‘new’?