THE DEELE:  Street Beat/Material Thangz/Eyes Of A Stranger Expanded Editions (SMCR 5177T)

THE DEELE: Street Beat/Material Thangz/Eyes Of A Stranger Expanded Editions (SMCR 5177T)

Track listings:

Disc 1:  STREET BEAT (with bonus tracks)
1. Body Talk
2. I Surrender
3. Just My Luck
4. Sexy Love
5. Street Beat
6. Video Villain
7. Crazy ’bout ‘cha
8. Working (9 To 5)
9. Surrender (Remix Version)
10. Just My Luck (Single Edit)
11. Body Talk (Single Edit)

Disc 2: MATERIAL THANGZ (with bonus tracks)
1. Let’s Work Tonight
2. Stimulate
3. You’re All I’ve Ever Known
4. Suspicious
5. Material Thangz
6. I’ll Send You Roses
7. Sweet November
8. Sweet Nothingz
9. LetÂ’s Work Tonight (Remix)
10. Suspicious (Remix)
11. Material Thangz (Single Edit)
12. Sweet Nothingz (Remix)

Disc 3:  EYES OF A STRANGER (with bonus tracks)
1. Two Occasions
2. Shoot ’em Up Movies
3. Let No One Separate Us
4. Eyes Of A Stranger
5. Can-U-Dance
6. She Wanted
7. Hip Chic
8. So Many Thangz
9. Eyes Of A Stranger (Reprise)
10. Can-U-Dance (Club Dub)
11. Dry Your Eyes
12. Two Occasions (The Live Remix)

• As music industry lore acknowledges, the line-up of Ohio-formed group The Deele included future super producers and (LaFace) label owners Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid and Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds. The Deele’s first three Solar albums (released between 1983-1987) – presented as expanded editions on this 3-CD set – showcase not only the burgeoning skills of the renowned hitmaking pair but also the kind of funky R&B-and-pop fusion was at the very heart of the music of the ‘80s, which, some three decades later, is being afforded a new level of appreciation by a whole new generation of music buyers.

• With their distinctive ‘look’ (that- with eyeliners and pancake makeup – was very different for male funk bands of the day) and high energy live performances, The Deele had already established a solid following among audiences in Cincinnati and Indianapolis by the time members of the group Midnight Star brought The Deele to the attention of Solar Records’ founder Dick Griffey who famously signed the group without ever seeing them.

• Produced by Midnight Star’s Reggie Calloway, the 1983 “Street Beat” album spawned three U.S. R&B charted singles, “Body Talk,” “I Surrender” and “Just My Luck.” 1985’s “Material Thangz” LP gave the group an opportunity to hone their production and writing skills; while 1987’s “Eyes Of A Stranger” set provided The Deele with two back-to-back hits in the form of the now-classic “Two Occasions” and “Shoot ‘Em Up Movies.”

• In addition to the three original Solar albums (containing all of The Deele’s U.S. charted hits) with key LP cuts such as “Video Villain,” “I’ll Send You Roses,” “Let No One Separate Us” and “Can-U-Dance” – this retrospective features a total of (10) bonus tracks include “Dry Your Eyes,” (a hidden gem non-album ‘B’ side) as well as remixes of “Let’s Work Tonight,” “Suspicious,” “Surrender” and “Sweet Nothingz.”

• Liner notes by SoulMusic Records and founder David Nathan include quotes from 2018 interviews with original group members Kayo and Dee and longtime colleague and renowned songwriter/producer Sid Johnson (who co-penned ‘Two Occasions’) as well as first class mastering by Nick Robbins; and stellar artwork from Roger Williams.