Track listing:

Disc 1: SHIRLEY MURDOCK! Expanded Edition

  1. Be Free
  2. No More
  3. Go On Without You
  4. Truth Or Dare
  5. Danger Zone
  6. Teaser
  7. As We Lay
  8. The One I Need
  9. Tribute 

Bonus tracks:

  1. Zapp (featuring Shirley Murdock): Computer Love
  2. Roger (featuring Shirley Murdock): Girl, Cut It Out
  3. No More (Single Version)
  4. Truth Or Dare (Single Version)
  5. As We Lay (Single Version)
  6. Go On Without You (Single Version)
  7. Be Free (Single Version)
  8. Zapp (featuring Shirley Murdock): Computer Love (Remix) 

Disc 2:  Bonus Disc

  1. As We Lay (Vocal/Remixed Version)
  2. Go On Without You (Extended Mix Version)
  3. No More (Vocal/Remix Version)
  4. Be Free (Sexy Sax Thang Mix)
  5. Truth Or Dare (European Mix Version)
  6. Tribute (Extended Mix Version)
  7. Roger featuring Shirley Murdock: Girl, Cut It Out (Extended Remix)
  8. Zapp (featuring Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson): Computer Love (Extended Version)
  9. As We Lay (Horizontal Mix)
  10. Be Free (Bareback Mix)
  11. As We Lay (Midnight Mix Version)
  • SoulMusic Records is very proud to present a deluxe 2-CD expanded edition of the 1986 self-titled Elektra Records debut album by soul/gospel singer/songwriter Shirley Murdock, whose work with ‘80s funk group Zapp and Roger Troutman first brought her to international prominence in 1984. 
  • Toledo, Ohio-born Shirley’s musical journey began in earnest after she joined and started traveling with the T.ET.R.I.C. Choir in the early ‘80s; a recording with the choir of The Commodores’ ‘Jesus Is Love’ with Shirley’s lead vocal found its way to the Troutman brothers, Roger and Larry, who promptly invited Shirley to become a part of the ‘Zapp/Troutman’ musical family. After her first US R&B chart appearance in 1984 on Roger’s “Girl, Cut It Out” single, Shirley began working  with Roger Troutman producing her solo debut for Elektra Records, released in early 1986.  The US gold-certified LP yielded four singles, including the US Top 20 and R&B Top 5 hit, “As We Lay” which essentially established Shirley as a mainstream recording artist and performer, resulting in two further Elektra albums until Shirley began recording primarily in the gospel field in 1992.    
  • With extensive liner notes by renowned US writer, Kevin Goins that include quotes from a 2018 interview with Shirley herself, and husband/musical collaborator Dale De Groat, this deluxe edition of SHIRLEY MURDOCK! features the original 1986 album and eight bonus tracks, including five single edits. The eleven tracks on the 2nd disc comprise various mixes of cuts from the original LP as well as extended versions of Roger’s “Girl, Cut It Out” and the now-classic Zapp track, “Computer Love” (the latter featuring Charlie Wilson), compiled for the first time in one collection.