Track listing:

1. You Got To Funkifize
2. What Happened To The World That Day?
3. Flash In The Pan
4. Gone
5. You Strike My Main Nerve
6. Down To The Nightclub
7. You’re Still A Young Man
8. Skating On Thin Ice
9. Of The Earth

Bonus Track:
10. You’re Still A Young Man (US Warners single)

1.   What Is Hip?
2.   Clever Girl
3.   This Time It’s Real
4.   Will I Ever Find A Love?
5.   Get Yo’ Feet Back On The Ground
6.   So Very Hard To Go
7.   Soul Vaccination
8.   Both Sorry Over Nothin’
9.   Clean Slate
10. Just Another Day

Bonus Track:
11. What Is Hip? (US Warners single)

• SoulMusic Records is proud to present expanded editions of BUMP CITY and TOWER OF POWER, the first two classic albums by pioneering funk super group Tower Of Power as a 2-CD set with single versions of the hits, “You’re Still A Young Man” and “What Is Hip?”

• Founded by Emilio Castillo and Stephen Kupka, the Bay Area-based horn-dominated aggregation, Tower Of Power’s reputation was steadily growing (following the release of their debut set, “East Bay Grease”) when they signed with Warner Brothers Records in 1972. At that time, the band comprised Rick Stevens (lead vocals) Skip Mesquite (first tenor sax and flute), Castillo (second tenor sax), Greg Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn and piano), Kupka (baritone sax), Mic Gillete (trumpet, trombone), Willie James Fulton (guitar), David Garibaldi (drums), Francis ‘Rocco’ Prestia (bass) and Brent Byars (congas).

• BUMP CITY was recorded in Memphis, working with the legendary Steve Cropper and famed Stax engineer Ron Capone and yielded the timeless slow jam, “You’re Still A Young Man” (a US Top 30 pop and R&B hit) and key cuts such as “Down To The Nightclub” and “You Got To Funkifize.”

• The follow-up LP, 1973’s self-titled album introduced music lovers to the soulful vocals of (future solo hitmaker) Lenny Williams via the US Top 20 R&B/pop charted single, “So Very Hard To Go” and the popular funk groove, “What Is Hip?”

• This 2016 reissue includes extensive notes by renowned UK writer Charles Waring with quotes from band members Greg Adams and David Garibalid and great remastering by Donald Cleveland.

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