Motown Spotlight

Last month's column seemed to run away with me (just slightly eh?) so have opted to finish it off this time around while listening to The Temptations' "Give Love At Christmas" album which, despite its age, born in 1980, is  scratch free.  This was, by the way, the group's second Festive release following "The Temptations Christmas Card" a decade earlier.

As I was preparing this month’s Motown Spotlight, an exclusive news item from Paul Stuart Davies has literally just landed in my inbox which I've been asked to share with you about Kim Weston's "Live In Detroit 1978" extended play single.  So, in his words,  here goes..

Following on from last month when we learned of the passing of original Marvelette Georgia Dobbins, I thought we could spend some time talking about her and the actual single that launched the group's career.  Much of what follows has been sourced from published and unpublished items that I've unearthed these past couple of weeks.

It was in October 1981, after an eighteen-year association with EMI Records, that Motown switched to RCA/BMG Records.

As you know, during lockdown I embarked on a huge tidy-up of my office, unearthing items I'd forgotten about and re-discovering those I had misplaced.  My photo library still needs urgent attention but did put the drawers of news clippings, magazines and so on in some sort of order.