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Latest Interviews & Features
Jocelyn Brown 2014 Interview
In person interview in Slough, England,
September 9. 2014

Jocelyn Brown' rise to international fame began in 1984 with the now-classic and still-as-good-as-ever "Somebody Else's Guy" although she had been a stalwart on the New York session scene for years before. The reception Jocelyn and her music got in the UK prompted her to move t...
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Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever 6-DVD Set!
Featuring the World Premiere of Michael Jackson's Moonwalk for only 2 Easy Installments of $39.97 + FREE Shipping at!

Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever debuted on NBC on May 16, 1983, and became an immediate sensation. The highlight that caused the most talk was Michael Jackson’s world premiere of the moonwalk (aka six seco...
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DAVID NATHAN's Introduction to the music of Aretha Franklin founder and renowned historian David Nathan shares about the first time he heard Aretha Franklin - on a beach in England in 1965! He talks about the impact her music had on him during his teenage years and about his first conversation with Aretha, just a month before she began recording for Atlantic Records......
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Sharon Davis' Motown Spotlight - August 2014
The Isle of Wight holiday was just wonderful, thank you, although the start was rather hairy as there was a fire alarm scare at the hotel we were staying in just outside Newport. In the early hours it wailed us awake; although it was my sister who actually woke me up! The younger members of my family were in another room, so I high tailed it down ...
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Latest @
The Chi-Lites - UNSUNG
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CD Reviews
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Event Reviews
AVERY SUNSHINE, Islington Assembly Hall, London, June 20, 2014
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CD/DVD Reissues
Labelle: Pressure Cookin' (SoulMusic Records)
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Classic Soul Video Playlists
Classic Soul Playlist: Labelle Live!
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Dedicated to Soul
David Nathan's Dedicated To Soul (October 28, 2013)
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Classic Interviews & Features
The Chi-Lites August 1972 Interview
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The Chi-Lites February 1975 Interview
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Mother's Finest January 1979 Interview
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Voice Your Choice
Joe Sample - Voice Your Choice with Michael Lewis
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Roberta Flack - Voice Your Choice With David Nathan
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Narada Michael Walden Voice Your Choice With David Nathan
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Giving R-E-S-P-E-C-T
GIVING R-E-S-P-E-CT: Kenn Reynolds
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Giving R-E-S-PE-C-T: Dr. Don Mizell (Music Industry Veteran), Pt. 1
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Giving R-E-S-P-EC-T: Dr. Don Mizell (Music Industry Veteran), Pt. 2
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Newly inducted Hall of Fame Female Vocalist Anita Baker has recorded a stellar body of work. Which is your favorite?
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SoulMusic Records
BARBARA LYNN: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (Real Gone Music/SoulMusic Records)
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FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY: Life Goes On Expanded Edition (Real Gone Music/SoulMusic Records)
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RONNIE DYSON: Phase 2/New Day (Real Gone Music/SoulMusic Records)
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JOHNNIE TAYLOR: She's Killing Me/A New Day (SMCR-25124)
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THE TEMPTATIONS: Hear To Tempt You/Bare Back (SMCR-25118)
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ESTHER PHILLIPS: Alone Again Naturally Expanded Edition (Real Gone Music/SoulMusic Records)
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LABELLE: Pressure Cookin' (SMCR-5123)
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CHERYL LYNN: Cheryl Lynn Expanded Edition (SMCR-5122)
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Classic Artist Spotlight
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Classic CD Spotlight
EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING: Action - The Anthology [Double CD]
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