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Million Dollar GroovesMeli'sa Morgan, Eugene Wilde, Leroy Burgess and Top 80's Soul Artists Are Back for More with a Cool Million

"'Cause there's music in the air, and lots of lovin' everywhere -- so, Give Me the Night!" Rod Temperton's words echoed in George Benson's 1980 smash seemed to effortlessly sum up the feel-good, let-loose vibe of early-80's R&B and funk. That kind of unpretentious, make-ya-bones-jump groove is sorely missing from the top of today's charts; but it's far from over.

With the help of class-act songsmiths Meli'sa Morgan, Eugene Wilde, Leroy Burgess, and Peggi Blu, producers Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle have grabbed hold of the good groove once again with the new Cool Million release, Back for More. The SedSoul Records album promises to transport listeners back to the days when going out to a night club wasn't hampered by worries of clearing CIA-style security and being turned away for the wrong rags. Simply put, it's all about the jam -- one with melody, style, and funky soul!

Check out's exclusive interviews with the artists and producers who are turning the funk into a real Cool Million....

About the Writer
Justin Kantor is a freelance music journalist with published works in Wax Poetics and the All-Music Guide. A graduate of Berklee College of Music's Business and Management program, he regularly writes liner notes for reissue labels.



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