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Portland Oregon, native who now calls NYC home has been on the live music scene in the Big Apple for a while. This marks the debut offering from the singer/songwriter/guitarist. Upon a first play it initially reminded me of the free-flowing pop, latin infused stuff Matt Bianco, Basia and Swing Out Sister used to put out in ’80’s. Throw in some folk and reggae touches and you have a easy on the ear collection that defies categorization.

Certainly having the likes of Stuart Mathewman (member of Sade and producer of Maxwell, Sweetback etc) and Rockwilder chipping in with production chores doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is the Mathewman produced, mellow, melodic “Lonely, Lovely” that provides my favorite cut on the album. Rockwilder, for his part is unrecognizable from his hip-hop guise on subtle, brassy reggae/house pop affair, “King”.

Elsewhere songs such as percussive, earnest pop of “Macon St. Love”, the latin infused “Let Down” the light, breezy title track and the feel good, catchy “It’s Not Easy” with Shae’s light, tuneful vocals out front provide a nostalgic look at era when artists and their record labels didn’t insist on sounding like everyone else.

Rating: 7

About the Writer
Jeff Lorez has enjoyed a long and varied career in the music business. As a journalist he has written for a slew of publications and web sites including, Blues & Soul, Billboard, and the Daily Telegraph and as a music publisher he has been involved in recent chart topping hits by Alexis Jordan and Cher Lloyd.

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