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THE O'JAYS were formed by five high school friends in 1958 who after seeing Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers perform, were inspired to start a vocal group. They spent time on various labels and released some fairly successful singles on Imperial Records working with H.B. Barnum and also Gamble & Huff, who were working as a production team for Neptune Records. Having already captured the attention of Gamble & Huff, THE O'JAYS became one of the first signings at the newly formed, now legendary, Philadelphia International Records. SHIP AHOY, released in 1973, was the follow up to their PIR debut Back Stabbers (CDBBR 0051). Back Stabbers made the group a household name setting in motion an incredible period of success with Philadelphia International, giving them close to 30 singles in the charts including a string of number 1 R&B hits, becoming one of the labels biggest groups while serving as a landmark of the classic Philly Soul sound. Put Your Hands Together proved to be a big hit peaking at number 2 R&B and number 10 Pop. The second single to be released was the increasingly iconic For The Love Of Money which has transcended so many cultural barriers over the decades with its arresting opening guitar riff sampled by so many and its message on the ills of greed. For The Love Of Money peaked at number 3 R&B and number 9 Pop in the Billboard R&B charts in 1974. BBR is very proud to present an expanded edition of this iconic Philly Soul album. Ship Ahoy has been lovingly mastered and carefully repackaged in full-expanded form. Complete with extensive liner notes featuring interviews along with added bonus content.

1. Put Your Hands Together
2. Ship Ahoy
3. This Air I Breathe
4. You Got Your Hooks In Me
5. For The Love Of Money (Long Version)
6. Now That We Found Love
7. Don t Call Me Brother
8. People Keep Telling Me
9. Put Your Hands Together (Live Version Bonus Track)
10. For The Love Of Money (Single Version Bonus Track)
11. Now That We Found Love (Single Version Bonus Track)

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