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Track listing:

1. I Don't Want Nobody To Know
2. I'm Goin' Left
3. I Don't Wanna Be Reminded
4. Don't Let This Smile Fool You
5. I Honestly Love You
6. Love's On The Menu Tonight
7. The Devil In Mrs. Jones
8. Thank You Early Bird
9. I Think That She's In Love
10. This Is Your Life

11. Suite For The Single Girl
12. I Wanna Do It To You
13. Ms. Fine
14. What A Pleasant Surprise
15. Chalk It Up
16. Music In Her Dreams/Dream Music
17. Only Pretty Girls
18. Let's Go Get Out Of Town
19. You Gotta Believe In Me

• The legendary Jerry Butler (nicknamed ‘The Ice Man’ for both his ‘cool’ vocal style and his personal demeanour) was already well established as a successful recording artist in 1975 when he was approached by then-Motown president Ewart Abner, with whom he’d worked at the start of his recording career at Vee-Jay Records, to sign with the globally-renowned record company.

• Chicago-based Jerry began immediately working on LOVE’S ON THE MENU with some of Motown’s in-house producers (including Hal Davis, Michael Sutton, Michael Sutton), the team of Clayton Ivey & Terry Woodford; and hometown producers Michael Davis and Sam Brown. The album featured mostly original compositions (a number co-written by Butler) alongside covers of the Syreeta/Stevie Wonder song, “I’m Goin’ Left,” Olivia Newton-John’s “I Honestly Love You,” the Lionel Richie-penned, Commodores-recorded standout “This Is Your Life” and the single, “The Devil In Mrs. Jones” (a reference to the famous ‘70s adult movie of the same name.

• Released in 1977, Jerry’s second Motown set SUITE FOR A SINGLE GIRL (which he co-produced with Homer Talbert and Paul Wilson) and was, as its’ title implied, a concept-driven album. Recorded in Chicago, the nine tracks were written by members of Jerry’s famed Music Workshop; standouts included the US R&B charted single “I Wanna Do It For You,” “Only Pretty Girls” and the almost-eight minute long opus, “Music In Her Dreams/Dream Music.” Out of print on CD for decades, this SoulMusic Records’ reissue of two classic ‘70s Motown albums includes notes by renowned US writer Kevin (“Soul Ninja”) Goins.

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David Nathan is the founder and CEO of and began his writing career in 1965; beginning in 1967, he was a regular contributor to Blues & Soul magazine in London before relocating to the U.S. in 1975 where he served as U.S. editor for the publication for several decades and began being known as 'The British Ambassador Of Soul.' From 1988 to 2004, he wrote prolifically for Billboard, has penned bios, produced and written liner notes for box sets and reissue CDs for over a thousand projects. He returned to London in 2009 where he has helped create Records as a leading reissue label.
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