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Singer/songwriter Walter Christopher is releasing his third CD entitled It’s All About Love, Vol. 2. On this collection of songs, “Walt Chris” collaborates with his producers Rhemario “Rio Beats” Webber (who also worked with Lyfe Jennings) and Hubert Eaves IV. Together they have crafted 9 songs that highlight Christopher’s strong suit – his versatile and mellifluous tenor voice.

The album opens with a short intro and then the smooth stepper, “Falling in Love”. It has an easy laid back feel similar to K’Jon’s great hit from last year ”The Ocean” . Christopher has garnered some well deserved radio airplay with the single “So Amazing” which combines his layered vocals with a contemporary sound that fits just right. This was an easy add for radio programmers because it is so infectious. His voice is distinctive enough to stand out in today’s crowded R&B field.

“Passion” gives Walter an opportunity to stretch out a little more into falsetto on the most soulful song on the set. The track that best showcases Walter’s capabilities is the song “Beautiful”. The layering of his vocals here is top-notch. The chorus really sticks with you. At the end, you get a chance to really feel it in an a capella segment. Nicely done! The other ballad “Heaven” is another heartfelt love song for Christopher to weave his vocal web around. The up-tempo number “Tonight” starts off a bit dry, but by the time the verses and chorus hit, it moves into a groove that pops, much like a Ne-Yo record, but stronger vocally. This has some potential as a radio hit, as does the final track “Oh My” which has another catchy chorus.

Walter Christopher is a voice to be reckoned with in contemporary R&B. The main issue with this CD is that the production is not quite on par with his vocal talent. While every song is relatable and gets into your head, the end result is pleasant, but somewhat dated. Hopefully he will get an opportunity to work with some more adventurous producers who will bring more fire to support his strong talent as a vocalist and arranger.

Rating: 7

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Michael Lewis is a long-time associate at His industry experience includes Sony Music, Motown and La Face Records, and a tenure at HEAR Music. He is grateful to contribute to sustaining the legacy of R&B and soul music.
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